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We at Cricket Game have been looking around for online Cricket Game that can be found on the web which you can play for free .If you come across any others then please let us know at the contact details above:

Stick Cricket - one of the biggest sites around for playing a cricket game online for free. A good game with competitions and tournaments even though the scoring is very easy at an example in the 10 over slog competition in the last 7 days the top ten all got over 300 runs - over 30 runs an over so realism is not its speciality - not even Freddie & Pieterson are that good!

Npower Cricket Game - You've got 12 overs and 10 wickets to test your skills on the Npower cricket Game

Last Man Standing - from the BBC website. As the title says Last Man Standing means you have 9 wickets down and have a achieve a little target ie you need 298 but you are 280/9 , you get a choice of the scenario you want. Game not as easy as it sounds but quite good none the less

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for computer and game console games:
Brian Lara International Cricket 2005, Cricket 2005


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