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Cricketing Fielding Positions

GULLY Gully fieldsman, (so called because they are in the 'gully' or gap between slips and cover) will tend to vary where they stand according to the pitch and the batsman.

SLIPS Few overs are bowled in a Test match without at least one man in the slips. Slip is probably the most important fielding position in the game.

SHORT LEG AND SILLY POINT Boot Hill, bat pad, short leg call it what you like, but you'll usually find the junior pro in residence there, crouching under the helmet staring at the batsman's backside.

COVER POINT Usually, a team's sprightliest fielder is stationed at cover point. It's a vital position as most defensive shots go in this direction, and you can expect batsmen to look for quick singles in that area.

THIRD MAN - is generally a run-saving position behind the wicketkeeper on the off-side

FINE LEG - The position is on the leg side at around 45 degrees to the wicket. Although it's not the most glamorous position to field in, it is an important run-saving area.

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